Goodbye, American Dream?

  In these times, 
  change is not an option.
  It's an imperative.

  Born during the Great Depression,
  Aaron Jaffe has lived his own        
  American dream.

  His immigrant father told him:    
  “I’m laying the foundation for 
  you, so you can build the first 
  floor and rise in society. Your
  children will build the second 
  floor, and so on.”

However, Jaffe writes based     
  on four decades of public service   
  as a legislator, judge and
  regulator, unless Americans take
  action, we will have a harder and
  harder time keeping our     
  footing on the same floor 
  of the house.

  And that house is 
  the American dream.

Aaron Jaffe interview on "Chicago Tonight," May 2, 2012
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